Bye Bye Dry Lips

You have no idea that I have been waiting for this Nivea Lip Butters for years. Yes, YEARS. I already know about this lip butters since 2 years ago when I was reading some beauty articles in a website that I can't remember anymore. I was always on the hunt for the perfect lip balm because I was stuck with my lip balm collections from the same ol' brands that couldn't keep my lips moisturized for at least an hour. And now I'm proud to say that the hunt is over, it is now available in my local Hypermart, probably yours too.

Before Nivea Lip Butter released in Indonesia, the closest to become my favorite lip balm was Nivea Vitamin Shake Cranberry and Raspberry Lip Balm. Though it's still from Nivea, if I'm being honest, all Nivea lip balms are quite the same. They all too greasy, doesn't get absorbed by the lips, and they melts easily if you take it in your purse on a sunny day. But the vitamin shake one has a lovely candy like sweet scent, kayak permen sugus yang stroberi kalo di Indonesia mah. I like it so much I kept re-applying it all over again, even my little cousins likes it too, not only because of the scent, but it wasn't moisturizing long enough. When I found out from basically almost all the famous Indonesian Beauty Bloggers's posts that the Nivea Lip Butter is here, I went through counts of malls in Bandung to find this gem, it wasn't there yet. But guess where I found it? In the mall right in front of my parents' resident, only five minutes walk away. Sambil nyanyi "Aa-khir-nya.. ku menemukanmu..", dilanjut sama "Jodoh pasti bertemuu.."

I knew for sure what I wanted to get is the Vanilla and Macadamia one among of all the four variants. There was a temptation to get them all at once, luckily I didn't bring a lot of money with me as I was just getting some groceries for mom, I was hesitate whether this lip butter will work on me or not as well, so I decided to buy just one. The first thing I noticed when I opened the lid was the scent, it's the perfect mix of vanilla and macadamia, I felt like I was going to lick it. Oh yes, the packaging came in a tin can, not so hygienic I know, but I only use it on my own lips and I always wash my hand after touching anything unclean, so no big deal. 

The texture is creamy, you don't have to worry about scooping out too much product out of the pot, because it is quite thin. I like to put at least three layers on my lips before I feel like I have enough. Once it's on, it stayed there leaving lips moist for HOURS... No kidding. No greasy feeling, nothing too glossy, it's just makes my lips feel good. During the day when there's a chance of eating and drinking, the lip butter might disappear, without making your lips dry instantly. And when I left it overnight, I will wake up with a soft lips without being grossed out by the residue like how I used to feel with other lip balms (there's still a slight of residue left, but it's not too much). Since I used this lip butter, I don't exfoliate my lips as much as I used too, because I don't see any flaking, although it started to feel a bit dry when I forgot to put it on again, it was still acceptable and haven't reached the need of biting and peeling. I am so glad Nivea Lip Butter is finally here as my lips saviour and I will definitely getting more of this not only for me, but for my family too. Have you tried this Nivea Lip Butter? Do you like it as much as I do?


  1. I have the raspberry one and I do like it! I think I'll try the one you have next time, because I like more simple flavors/scents for my lip balms. I'm glad you can finally get your hands on these!

    1. I want the raspberry one too, but I think the scent would be similar with my previous vitamin shake lip balm. The cocoa one sounds good too! :) Thanks Ashley, sometimes I just don't get it why some companies took months or years to get their new products to my country :/

  2. Our countries located near to each others yet there are some things selling in your drugstores that we can't get them at here and vice versa. Haha how funny. Same goes to Singapore.. :D I really need to make a list of products to buy since I'm planning to go Bandung next year.. :D :D

    1. it's ridiculous! we should get every single products equally in every single countries! no way... I thought Singapore had everything :O haha you definitely should, there are lots of good local products right now and I'm gonna make my own list too just in case I'm going to visit Malaysia some time :)

  3. Hi Sitha salam kenal..
    I have one sitha, I LOVE nivea products, i have been using nivea since i was little.. sangat membantu kulit kering untuk melembabkan


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